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“The Power of Freedom”

I began my career working for a large financial services company where I was only permitted to offer proprietary products. A growing question remained: How could I do what is best for the client with a portfolio of limited options? The answer became obvious: Keep the client’s best interests at the center of the relationship and expand the array of choices. So, in 2004 I founded REW Financial with the vision to provide uncompromised value, flexibility, and satisfaction to every person in every stage of life. In the years to follow, clients became friends and are now an integral part of the company’s success.

Richard E. Wible,  President & Founder

The Five “C’s”


Client – Community – Character – Core Values - Commitment

Each member of the REW Financial Team is selected based on a combination of core values, strength of character, and moral integrity. Every team member upholds a personal commitment to respect the Client in every way and to protect the Client’s interests above all else. The REW Financial Team absolutely loves where they live and work. They recognize that a strong Community is vital to the success and happiness of everyone. Every team member shares a personal commitment to be involved in the Community through volunteerism and donations of resources in various organizations throughout the region. REW Financial has a commitment to the Community to be generous in giving, and pledges support to local organizations in excess of 10% of net earnings each and every year.


We promise to place YOU first and at the center of every interaction. We promise to always tell the truth, exemplify integrity at all times, and have our personal lives be a reflection of our morality.