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Products & Services

Through Richard Wible's affiliation as a Registered Representative of United Planners, the products* and services* below are offered.  We are committed to only offering exceptional products and services to our clients. As part of that commitment, we monitor industry rating services, review the company's history and only utilize products with a solid track record. Our commitment extends throughout the life of our relationship. We promise to continue constant monitoring of material changes with the product as well as industry related activities that could impact your portfolio. Make an appointment today for your personal consultation.


Stocks and Bonds*

Traditional and Roth IRAs*

Mutual Funds*


Fee-Based Services and Accounts*

Annuities – Fixed/Variable*/Indexed*

Certificates of Deposit*

Structured Products*

College 529 Plans*

Money Markets*

Brokerage Accounts*

Asset Protection

Life Insurance – Term, Whole Life, Universal, Variable*, Last Expense

Long Term Care – Qualified Individual & Linked Benefit

Small Group and Business

Simple IRA, SEP IRA, & 401(k) Plans*

Small Group Health, Dental, & Vision Plans

Retirement Exit Strategies

529 College Savings Plans*

Benefit Payroll Deduction Options

Qualified Life Insurance